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Greenhouse for Hydroponic Growing

Greenhouses are structures that enable the cultivation of fresh agricultural produce (such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc.) in qualities, quantities and time periods otherwise impossible to achieve when cultivating on the same region in the open.

The area of the greenhouse is separated from the outside environment by a transparent cover that lets sunlight through and provides a wide variety of services to the plants and to the farmer:

  • Physical protection from natural phenomena, such as winds, rain, hail, snow etc.

  • Protection from damage by animals, whether large or tiny, by not allowing them to come into contact with the plants.

  • Efficient application of pesticides in a closed environment.

  • The possibility of maintaining a climate different from the climate outside, in order to improve the growth conditions.

  • Protection from rain, and maintaining control of irrigation and fertilization conditions.

  • Allowing work and harvest in any kind of weather.

Depending on the natural environmental conditions, the type of crop, and the farmer's requirements, different technical solutions can be found to achieve the same goal.
Therefore, tropical regions usually have many greenhouses whose main function is to provide physical protection for the crops – to protect the plants from winds and natural harms, to protect against rain in order to control the irrigation and fertilization routine, and sometimes in order to overcome diseases and pests.

In areas where winters are cold and snowy, such as Europe, Canada or the US, or in areas that have a very cold winter and a very hot summer, like China or certain areas of Russia. Providing proper conditions for the plans throughout the year requires the use of more complex and sophisticated technological systems which are usually more expensive both in installation and in use. Such systems may be heating systems that consume large amounts of fuel during the winter, cooling systems that consume water and electricity, monitoring systems and more.

Providing one's crops with optimal growth conditions is not always economically viable. Usually, realities on the ground require compromise solutions. Sometimes they compromise on the quality of their equipment, sometimes they avoid growing some crops part of the year. At times they install only some of the auxiliary systems, with an option to add more when money becomes available. Any combination is possible and probably already in effect somewhere.


Easy to assemble, cover and maintain;

High roof openings for natural ventilation;

Optimal heat and humidity release;

Structure suitable for warm climates.

Greenhouse Specifications

Basic columns - 3" diameter - every 4 meters;

Arches -2" diameter every 4 meters;

Roll-up curtains on side wall openings and on roof openings;

This type is suitable for polyethylene coverings only.

The sawtooth type greenhouse has a modern appearance, novel structure, stable structure, smooth vision, high light transmittance of up to 90%, and strong wind and snow resistance. The tooth-shaped film greenhouse can be ventilated in a large area in the middle of each span of the greenhouse. At the same time, due to the principle of hot pressure difference, the gas with high temperature in the greenhouse is always at the highest point in the greenhouse, so the natural ventilation of the traditional greenhouse can be changed. 

Poor conditions can effectively reduce the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse. It is especially suitable for the production of crops with low humidity; hot-dip galvanized steel. Sawtooth type greenhouse, suitable for open greenhouses in the tropics, side windows can be opened in both directions by mechanical roller blinds, and the top serrated roof is ventilated and can be opened and closed by mechanical film. According to the principle of hot air flow, its natural ventilation effect is superior to that of a general plastic greenhouse.



Product name Sawtooth Multi Span Plastic Film Greenhouse
Width of gable 6.4m
Height of gutter 4m
Column distance 4m
Opening of roof vent Up to 1.6m
Wind load 122-147km/h
Crop load 25kg/sqm
Material of frame Hot galvanzied steel
Covering  Plastic PE
Optional system Cooling System.irrigation System.ventilation.etc








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