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Most Popular Foldable Dimmable LED Grow Light

Most popular foldable dimmable led grow light,providing high quality light plants need to grow. Besides, these light bars outshine others like HID lamps because of lower power consumption and higher PPFD, energy-saving but highly efficient.

We know that Plants need photosynthesis during growth, and different wavelengths of light have different effects on plant photosynthesis.Among them, the influence of the red and blue spectrum is the most important.Blue spectrum can promote green leaf growth, red spectrum helps to bloom results and extended flowering.

Therefore, we can find some red and blue spectrum lights in the market.

But with the development of technology, when people think about planting plants in nature, we use sunlight, whether it can replace sunlight with light, so Ilummini full spectrum growth light was born.

1.Samsung LM301B&LM301H 6500K+3500K with OSRAM white+660nm led source, the lighting is most suitable to the indoor or greenhouse planting growth. Our 8 light bars 960W are more powerful and brighter than similar products 650W,With UV & IR supplemental lighting bar to choose. 

2.High Luminous Efficacy: 210 lm/W, High par value ,1000-1250 PPFD in the 12'' height from your canopy .

3.Full spectrum for medical plants, we have many customers used our products for the vertical farm and indoor grow , the yield almost 2 gram/w , it is amazing ! 

4.Top grade driver-Inventronics driver be certificated by authority, providing the stable and long time protection to the lights. 

5.IP65 waterproof , aluminum heat sink, no fan , no noise , best for your plants and greenhouse. 

6.Inside hook design, fast installation and a plug and play, 100% safety for hanging. 

7.ETL&cETL approved for USA and Canada market,DLC is pending. 8.Knob dimming, bluetooth, panel control, RJ14 control system are optional.

Input power 640W±5%
Input Voltage 100-277V AC
QTY of LED 1848pcs 301B
CCT 3000,4000, 5000,6000K
Lifetime 54,000 hours
Warranty 5 years
Size 1200*1100*32mm 
Dimming Solution Bluetooth control+ RJ prot
Weight 17KG
IP rating IP66




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