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Newest Samsung LM 301b Grow Light For Indoor Plants

Newest samsung LM 301b grow light for indoor plants providing high quality light plants need to grow. Besides, these light bars outshine others like HID lamps because of lower power consumption and higher PPFD, energy-saving but highly efficient.

Octopus light bar can provide full-power full-spectrum customized solutions, suitable for greenhouse, vegetable and fruit, leafy vegetable planting, plant lighting and coloring, medical medicinal material planting, pasture farming, indoor and outdoor planting, growth promotion, increase production and early maturity.

Micromol per Joule [μmol/J] is a key factor for LED grow light. It makes huge difference in price. The prices of LED grow lights with same power consumption (wattage) can have a lot of difference if their efficacy (μmol/J) are not the same. Higher efficacy means the glow light can provide more photons to your plants. 

We have different PPF efficacy available,from 2.3μmol/J to 2.8μmol/J.Please contact us for full range price.



Power Consumption 640W Input Voltage 100~277Vac  (200~480V available)
PPF 1800μmol/s Driver Inventronics / MEAN WELL
PPF Efficacy 2.8μmol/J Power Factor  >0.95
LED Brand Samsung LM301B & O S R A M Surge Protection  6KV
LED Configuration 3000K+4000K & 660nm  Dimming  Knob dimming or RJ port
 Power Cord Length  6' (1.83m) Dimming  30%-100% DIM-TO-OFF
Mounting Height  ≥6” (15.2cm) above canopy  IP Rate  IP 65
Beam Angle  110 degree  Warranty  5 years to 7 Years



Yield (HELENOR 640W): > 1,280 grams

Yield ( 1000W HPS): 800 grams to 900 grams

CO2 Concentration: 800~1500ppm

Havesting: 11.5 Weeks


For horticulture lighting, the amount of light is not measured in lumen but in amount of photons.

The common unit in horticulture lighting is μmol/s in the range of 400-700nm (photosynthetically active region).



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