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  • Mobile Vertical Grow Systems

    Given the increasingly high value of space and time, Mobile Vertical Grow Systems (racks) optimize indoor farming and growing facilities to make the most use of space, return a high yield harvest, ensure employee safety, and streamline processes. Every aisle is a missed opportunity to grow more. Our Vertical Mobile Racking Systems can exponentially increase your space by allowing growing racks to slide together on galvanized aluminum tracks mounted on top of existing concrete floors. This way you take full advantage of your controlled environment's square footage and vertical space.

  • Kentucky makes progress in legalizing medical marijuana

    The state is a major hub for industrial hemp production, with companies there being major players in the CBD and delta-8 THC markets, and it is also home to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, whose support has been integral to federal reform.

  • Canada's Ontario Chamber of Commerce calls on province to allow cannabis lounges

    Canada's largest provincial business advocacy body is calling on the Ontario government to allow cannabis consumption facilities as part of efforts to modernize and support the sector.

  • Medical marijuana sales in Arkansas reach $22.4 million in February

    Medical marijuana patients in Arkansas spent $23.1 million on cannabis products in January and $22.4 million in February for a total of $45.5 million in the two-month period.

  • Germany Confident EU Will Approve Recreational Marijuana Legalization Blueprint

    German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said the country's plan to legalize recreational marijuana could soon overcome one of its biggest hurdles - EU approval. within the next few weeks," possibly by the end of March or early April.

  • How deep do cannabis roots grow

    The depth to which cannabis roots can grow depends on various factors such as soil type, water availability, and other environmental conditions. In general, cannabis roots can grow as deep as 2-3 feet (60-90 cm) in loose, well-draining soils.

  • Canadian Cannabis Producer Heritage Approved to Import CBD to Brazil

    Canadian producer Heritage Cannabis has received approval to import medical CBD products into Brazil. The approval comes from the Brazilian Health Agency (ANVISA), according to a press release Monday.

  • How To Set Up Cannabis Cultivation Base

    Cannabis cultivation refers to the process of growing cannabis plants for various purposes, including medicinal, recreational, and industrial use. A cannabis cultivation base typically refers to a facility or area where cannabis plants are grown on a large scale.

  • Argentina aims to export $50 million in medical marijuana by 2025

    The Argentine government is laying the groundwork to establish a regulated domestic industry for the sale of medical marijuana while focusing on international markets.

  • Biden Administration Delivers on a Marijuana Policy Promise

    The U.S. Department of Justice is accepting applications for pardons for individuals convicted or charged with marijuana possession in federal or District of Columbia courts.

  • Illinois recreational marijuana sales reach $120.5 million in February

    Sales of adult-use cannabis in Illinois totaled $120.5 million in February, up 5.7 percent from February 2022, despite a decline in sales to out-of-state shoppers.

  • New York regulators increase adult-use marijuana retail licenses to 300

    New York regulators on Thursday doubled the number of available retail licenses for adult-use marijuana social justice applicants to 300. According to news outlet CNYCentral, each of the state's 14 dedicated regions will see a proportional increase in recreational marijuana licenses.

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