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Thump 4/6/8/10 Inch Plastic Ac Motor Dc Inline Duct Fan

The main function of greenhouse inline duct fan is to change the indoor carbon dioxide and adjust the temperature. Intelligent control of air opening and closing, automatic adjustment of greenhouse temperature; It is suitable for all kinds of greenhouses.

Thump  4/6/8/10 Inch Plastic  Ac Motor Dc Inline Duct Fan




  • [High Air Pressure & High Airflow] Thanks to unique pressurized fluid power blades design can support high airflow and air pressure at the same time

  • [Easy to Install] Mounting bracket & buckle designed with rubber gasket ensure air tight and vibration-free connection

  • [Flame Resistant PP Material] High impact corrosion resistant & flameproof polypropylene casing for heavy duty applications





  • 6 inch, airflow 550m³/h, Low noise 33dB

  • Electrical Supply: 110~120V/60Hz or 220~240V/50Hz

  •  Protection Class: IP44

  • External rotor motor with NMB ball bearing, with safety thermal overload protection.

  • Life expectancy:50000hours

  • Fan working temperature:-10~+60

  • Durable V0 flame-resistant PP material plastic casing:




      As we know, commercial greenhouses for growing flowers and vegetables require a good ventilation environment, while greenhouses are a relatively closed environment. Large greenhouses with poor natural ventilation conditions cannot be used with traditional ventilation windows. When the greenhouse is installed, it is necessary to install a ventilation system to achieve discharging odor, moisture-proof and mould-proof.






Customer Services:

1. Warranty: 3 year warranty for all products.

2. Private Labelling: All of axial fans are able to be Private labeled.

3. Products Quality: 100% of products inspection before delivery.

4. Just in time delivery: Normally, Lead time is 15 days.

5. Customized Service: As we have our own molding department,

     customized service can be provided.

6. Prompt customer Services: E-mail will be replied in 24 hours.




Q: Can you tell me if these products can be made with USA electrical standard -- to work at 120V?

A: Yes For Sure we can make it work at 110V-120V.


Q: Can you tell me if these products can be made with DC Fans?

A: Yes we can make all of our product with DC motor


Q: What is the daily output of your product?

A: Normally for one day we can produce 1000Unit in 8Hours,

    In special circumstances, we can arrange a rapid assembly line, production to 2000 units.


Q: Can you customized rebrand order.

A: Yes, we deal with rebrand order almost 5 years.


Q: Can we deal with ODM order?

A: Yes, for ODM order we can sign NDA agreement, we will arrange R&D team to engage ODM order.


Q: Can we have the product with plug?

A: Yes, We can assembly with Plug that can be used in your country.



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