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Latest global rice production

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Global: rice production increased by 500000 tons (0.1%) month on month and 1.71 million tons (0.34%) year on year

In 2021 / 22, the global rice production in September is estimated to be 507.95 million tons, an increase of 500000 tons month on month, an increase of 1.72 million tons or 0.3% over 506.23 million tons last year. The harvest area is expected to be 163.61 million hectares, an increase of 560000 hectares month on month, an increase of 35 million hectares or 21% over 163.26 million hectares last year. It is estimated that the unit yield is 4.63 tons / ha, a month on month decrease of 0.02 tons / ha, the same as last year.

Egyptian rice: strict restrictions on sowing area have led to a reduction in rice production

In 2021 / 22, Egypt's rice output is estimated to be 2.9 million tons, which is converted into 4.2 million tons of rice based on milling. It is estimated that rice production decreased by 16% month on month, 28% year-on-year and 28% compared with the five-year average. The harvest area is estimated to be 500000 hectares, a month on month decrease of 17% or 10000 hectares, a decrease of 29% or 200000 hectares compared with 700000 hectares last year, 29% lower than the five-year average level. It is estimated that the unit yield is 8.41 tons / ha, with a month on month increase of 1%, a year-on-year increase of 2%, 1% higher than the five-year average.

Rice is sown from April to May and harvested in September. Since reliable irrigation water comes from the Nile, fertile alluvial soil and hot weather, the fluctuation of rice yield is mainly affected by area. Rice is one of the most profitable crops for Egyptian farmers, but the water shortage in Egypt has caused continuous pressure on highly water dependent crops. Restrictions on the legal cultivation of rice include geographical restrictions, which are allowed only in specific areas of the nine exclusive provinces of the Nile Delta. The upper limit of legal rice area in China is about 451000 hectares. These prohibitions have been implemented for several years, but except for 2018 / 19, they have been largely ignored under the usual lax law enforcement. Earlier this year, the Egyptian government (goe) refocused its efforts on reducing the area of illegal rice cultivation by enacting a law allowing fines or imprisonment for illegal rice cultivation (see U.S. Department of agriculture gain report eg2021-0011). Although it is expected that the area will still exceed the legal limit, the law has increased stricter law enforcement against farmers and improved compliance. As the construction of the rehabilitation dam in Ethiopia in the upper reaches of the Nile continues, people are increasingly worried about water resources. The future supply of Nile water, especially in dry years, has become a concern in the downstream area of the dam.

Panama rice: production increased slightly

Panama's rice production in 2021 / 22 is estimated to be 380000 tons, an increase of 11000 tons (an increase of about 3%) compared with 2020 / 21. Rice production is estimated at 247000 tons. The harvest area is estimated to be 94000 hectares, an increase of 2000 hectares (an increase of about 2%) compared with 2020 / 21. The unit yield is estimated to be 4.04 tons / ha, an increase of about 1% over 2020 / 21.

Panama is the second largest rice producer in Central America, second only to Nicaragua. About 85% of Panama's rice production is distributed in the provinces of chiriki, veraguas, Panama, corker and Los Santos. Panama's rice mainly depends on rainfall. The main rice crops are planted from July to September and harvested from November to January of the next year. Panamanian Minister of agriculture (Mida) de sarolo took photos of rice fields in KOLE, Panama, showing good crop production. Secondary rice crops are planted from April to May and harvested from August to October.

Rainfall throughout the country is generally conducive to crop growth. Although the total annual rainfall in Los Santos is slightly lower than the average by the end of August 2021, according to the dynamic data of the climate research group of the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), the annual rainfall in all major rice provinces is slightly higher than the average of last year.

Source: Guangdong South China Grain Trading Center


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