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Hot Selling Injection Molding Pollen Trimming Tray

Thump heavy harvest trimming tray is designed to increase performance during the processing and manicuring stages of harvest; The lightweight, low-profile design allows the tray to sit comfortably in your lap and keeps your work all in one space.

A pruning trim tray set for the harvest season, made to cope with heavy pruning volumes.The Trim Tray works excellent as an ultra-light trimming surface and pollen sifting collection device.  This dual-use tool has a 150micron stainless steel screen that allows pollen to collect below while you trim your flowers on the tray's surface.  Inspect and collect your pollen with the included magnifying glass, which is also can be used as a collection tool card.


  • Start by placing the dried cannabis flowers onto the mesh surface of the tray.

  • Gently shake or agitate the tray, causing the trichomes and pollen to sift through the mesh and collect in the tray's lower compartment.

  • After some time, you can carefully lift the mesh screen to collect the sifted pollen from the tray.

Benefits of using a pollen trimming tray:

  • Efficiently separates trichomes and pollen from plant material.

  • Provides a cleaner and more refined product for making concentrates.

  • Reduces waste as the pollen is collected for further use.

  • Portable and easy to use for both small and large-scale operations.

Prouduct name Hot selling injection molding pollen trimming tray
Size 19.6x11.8x3.5 inch
Weight 820g/1000g
Color White/black, or customized
Fittings 2 scissors, 1 brush, 1 magnifying glass
Packing 12sets/ctn  Carton size: 53x37x57cm/13.3kg

trimming tray


  • Size: Product size 19.6x11.8x3.5 inch. This size is just proper for your arms to rest on both sides, and without feeling tired for continuous use.

  • Classic matching:  two kinds scissors tools(one straight blade and one curved blade), which are comprehensive and easy to use.  a magnifying glass and a small brush to meet the basic needs of work.

  • Sophisticated design: The non-slip treatment at the bottom of the sliding tray can enhance the stability of the tray and reduce the risk of tipping and spilling when you put it on the table or on your legs.

  • Advanced tray: The tray is divided into upper and lower parts. The upper tray is placed with a 150-micron fine-hole pollen sieve. The stainless steel screen can collect the part you want. The lower tray can be replaced with the upper one for complete storage without debris.

trim tray pollen

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trimming trays for weed

trimming tray with screen

trimming tray for weed

trimming tray for weed

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