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Wholesale Greenhouse ABS Snap Clamp For Greenhouse

These clamps are used to attach tarps, shade, greenhouse film, or netting to pipe. Some applications may include greenhouses, cold frames and row covers. Keep your plants better protected in wind and snow. These garden clips are the perfect accessory for DIY garden greenhouses, You can adjust the clip anywhere according to your requirements.

wholesale snap clamp

Explore Thump's premium selection of greenhouse ABS snap clamps available for wholesale. Elevate your greenhouse projects with these versatile and durable clamps, designed to securely fasten various materials and create stable structures. Thump offers a wide range of sizes and quantities, catering to your specific needs and ensuring a seamless fit for your greenhouse construction. With our high-quality snap clamps, you'll enjoy easy installation, reliable performance, and enhanced flexibility in designing your greenhouse framework.

Size: 20mm/25mm

Material: ABS Plastic

Weight: 8.4g/12.1g

MOQ: 50000


1) Fits Pipe Size: 20mm/25mm

2) UV and Frost Resistant Material For 5-8 years Lifetime Outdoor Use

3) Features Angled Ends For Re-usability, Easily Snaps On And Off

4) Capable of Holding Greenhouse Films, Shade Cloths, Tarps, Netting and Much More
5) Should Be Placed Every 2' Along pipes For Maximum Hold and Security
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