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Urban Agriculture -- a new agricultural form

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With the rapid development of urbanization, a form of integration with the city and serving the city has emerged, that is, urban agriculture. Urban agriculture is a new type of agricultural form which is located or lost around the city, accompanied by the high development of urbanization and industrialization and the further integration of rural areas.The emergence of new planting methods such as soilless cultivation and hydroponics accelerated the process of urban agriculture.

The emergence of urban agriculture shows that agriculture not only includes economic functions, but also pays equal attention to ecological, social and cultural functions. New York, the representative of urban agriculture, has been developing in the forefront of urban agriculture. It has more than 550 community gardens, more than 745 school gardens and more than 700 public building gardens. Not only New York, but also many other large cities in the United States are actively developing urban agriculture. The development of urban agriculture presents the trend of marketing concept, chain operation, international operation, intelligent information and multi-function. 

In a word, innovation, environmental protection and characteristic are the key points for the development of urban agriculture, so as to convey the humanistic and scientific connotation to consumers and drive the consumption of creative agricultural products.



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