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The advantages of Japanese Agricultural Management Model

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Japan's agriculture has been modernized, the income level of farmers is higher than that of urban families, and the infrastructure and public services in rural areas are almost the same as those in cities. How is this done?

1. Government support. Japan's agriculture has developed rapidly because of the considerate service provided by the Agricultural Association.

2. Pay attention to product quality, clear professional division, do not care about the variety of agricultural products, high pursuit of quality.

3. The production, processing, sales and service of agricultural products form an industrial chain mode.

4. Japanese agriculture pursues two characteristics: 

1) creative agriculture, which is mainly reflected in rice field painting; 

2) Packaging of agricultural products. Japan not only pursues the quality of products, but also takes the lead in packaging quality in the world. Integrating Japanese characteristics, both internal arrangement and external packaging design have been recognized by the world.