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Sri Lanka holds organic agricultural products export Forum

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Sri Lanka's daily finance and economics reported on July 29 that this week, Sri Lanka's trade minister Bandura gunawadna chaired the organic agricultural products export Forum jointly organized by the Export Development Bureau (EDB) and the certification Bureau (slab). Gu believes that President Gotabaya attaches great importance to the export of organic agricultural products and Sri Lanka can take this opportunity to solve the problem of foreign exchange shortage. Sri Lanka will establish organic food retail chains in 25 major cities in whole country, including Colombo.

In response to the negative comments on the government's plan to completely get rid of chemical fertilizer, Gu said that every new idea or concept will be questioned when it appears, which is a common phenomenon. The chairman of the Advisory Committee of the national organic control department (nocu) summarized the export of Sri Lanka's organic agricultural products. He revealed that at present, nearly 400 companies and 30000 producers are engaged in organic agriculture, and 60000 hectares of land is used for the cultivation of organic agricultural products.

Source: China Agricultural Information Network