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Mobile Vertical Grow Systems

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Given the increasingly high value of space and time, Mobile Vertical Grow Systems (racks) optimize indoor farming and growing facilities to make the most use of space, return a high yield harvest, ensure employee safety, and streamline processes.  Every aisle is a missed opportunity to grow more.  Our Vertical Mobile Racking Systems can exponentially increase your space by allowing growing racks to slide together on galvanized aluminum tracks mounted on top of existing concrete floors.  This way you take full advantage of your controlled environment's square footage and vertical space.  

Space planning of existing or retrofitted facilities can be challenging.  Our dedicated engineering team will prepare room drawings of your facility to ensure all grow space is efficiently utilized and all workflow processes are unhindered. 

Vertical Grow System Benefits

  • Maximizes yield

  • Increases profits per square foot

  • Maximizes vertical and horizontal growing space

  • Eliminates wasted space of empty aisles

  • Increases production capacity

  • Improves airflow and light exposure

Vertical Grow Rack System Component Parts

  • Aluminum Track with stainless steel bearing rails measures 6"W x 1/2"H.  It is tapered on both sides.  Forklifts, carts, manlifts, etc. easily roll over the track.  Tracks mount on top of concrete

  • Carriage manufactured of anti-corrosive stainless steel and aluminum

  • Grow Racks manufactured of heavy-duty grade racking with a maximum 24' height in one piece.  Rated for 20 pounds square foot growing area (upgraded material available for higher weight ratings)


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