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Matters needing attention of simple plant Hydroponics

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Nowadays, hydroponic plants are very common both in the office and at home, especially in the office. The most common hydroponic plants are hyacinth, Cymbidium or Chlorophytum. The main reason why more people choose hydroponics is that it is convenient and easy to take care of. Just put the plants in water and water them regularly. But in fact, if you pay attention to the survival rate, you will find that even the simplest hydroponic plants need to be conserved. Here are the precautions:

1. Indoor temperature: it's better to put it in an air-conditioned room. It won't be too cold in winter and too hot in summer;

2. Lighting: avoid direct sunlight in summer;

3. Nutrient solution: but put some nutrient solution properly, pay attention to the pH value of nutrient solution'

4. Water change: it can be changed almost once a week in summer and twice a week in winter;

5. Cleaning: mainly cleaning the roots of plants, pruning dead branches and leaves, cleaning hydroponic containers.!!0-item_pic.jpg&