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Hydroponic PP Grow Gutter

PP gutter not only can be used in hydroponic system, but also used in the cultivation of other substrates. The length and thickness of PP drainage ditch can be adjusted, and the size can be customized.

PP Roll is the most economical hydroponics product, compared with bucket, and pipes, especially for those who do not have demanding for recycling water, then this PP roll will be a good option, suitable for all kinds of crops, use growing medium like perlite, coco coir, and so on. 

Polypropylene troughs, drainage gutters systems are designed for growing vegetables, roses, cut flowers, herbs, strawberries & other berries, in very efficient ways. These modular systems are constructed to facilitate the growers collect the drainage, recycle water & nutrients, to serve different sterilize systems and get better replanting conditions.


Name plastic pp grow gutter tomatoes planting trays
Material Food-grade PP
Color Black 
Thickness 0.8mm
Length 100m or Customized
Size 20x20cm, 20x40cm, 30x30cm, 17x50cm, 20x50cm(H,W) or Customized
Fittings Planting trough, drainage trough, clips, rope, spacer, riverts.
Usage Planting vegetables
MOQ 2000m
Package Plastic roll package 100m/roll
Lead time 10-30 days


Much cheaper compared with other hydroponics systems

Up to 90% less water is required compared to growing in soil

High yields in minimal growing space

Can be used in areas where soil based cultivation isn't possible, such as locations with poor soil quality, or where water suppliesare limited

Low cost,  higher quality crops due to controlled nutrient ratios