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Dutch Bato Bucket Grow Farming For Greenhouse

Dutch bato bucket grow farming for greenhouse (also known as the Bato Bucket) is an efficient aquaponics equipment for greenhouse,and is extremely suitable for larger, long-term crops such as vine tomatoes, peppers (capsicum), cucumbers and other plants.

Hydroponic dutch bucket and new agricultural facilities are suitable for melon, fruit and berry crops. It has the advantages of saving land and water. It is mostly used in greenhouses or family balconies. It has no technical difficulty in installation. It can cooperate with automatic drip irrigation equipment to save nutrient solution and complete automatic water circulation.

Dutch bucket, a new agricultural facility, is generally planted on a large scale or on a few family balconies. Due to its small floor area, it saves water. The water-soluble fertilizer purchased can directly enter the root of the plant through the water flow. This method of precision fertilization can largely avoid the waste of fertilizer and reduce the pollution to the soil environment; On the other hand, drip irrigation system, as the name suggests, water flows into the roots of plants in the form of small flow drops, which is easy to control.

However, there are also some matters needing attention in drip irrigation, because the fertilizer needs to be dissolved in water, so it is decided not to put a lot of fertilizer at one time. When using more than two kinds of fertilizers, whether there is chemical reaction and whether sediment will be produced; The injection of fertilizer will undoubtedly have a certain degree of corrosion on the filter and filter valve. Therefore, remember to flush the whole system and fertilizer tank after each fertilizer injection to ensure that there is no residue as far as possible.

Bucket Size 30*25*23cm(L,W,H) 31.5*31.5*35.5cm(L,W,H) 35*35*35CM(L,W,H)
Volume 11 Liter 24 Liter 32 Liter
Weight 0.4kg 0.72kg 1.15kg
Material Food Grade PP&UV
Color Beige, Black, Customized
Packing Details 25*34*162cm/30pcs per carton Pallet packing Pallet packing
20FT Container 6600pcs 6000pcs 3500pcs
40FT Container 13200pcs 12000pcs 6000pcs
40High Container 16000pcs 15000pcs 8700pcs


  1. Cheap aquaponics dutch bato buckets for garden greenhouse is designed to be fed by drip emitters and plumbed to drain using a common 1.5" PVC pipe, purchased locally.

  2. Siphon Elbows regulate safety reservoir of nutrient solution at bottom of bucket to 1"deep. This feature prevents growing medium from drying out and causing water stress between irrigation cycles. Siphon pipe also prevents over accumulation of nutrient solution. Two siphon elbows are recommended per each bucket.

  3. You can use just about any type of growing media, including expanded clay pellets, perlite, and coconut coir.

  4. Ideal for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, scallions, basil, other herbs and more.






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