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Greenhouse Square Rockwool Drip Cap Wholesale

The main function of irrigation accessories for rock wool drip cap is to evenly divide water. It can be used on rock wool block to disperse drip irrigation water flow, so as to avoid water flow flowing to one part and causing other parts of rock wool to dry up.

Product Description

The drip cap for rockwool was designed with the vegetative state in mind but has proven a worthy tool for the avid top feeder throughout the flowering stage as well. Eliminates algae and the use of pesticides by covering the media designed louvers block light, while allowing air, water, and nutrients to your plant and maximize your space in the vegetative cycle.

The drip tray cover is suitable for the square barrel of marijuana planting and is placed on the top of the culture medium to block the light and transport water, nutrition and air to the substrate at the same time.Each cap features 38 flower designed louvers that deliver water, nutrients, and air to the medium while blocking light. 


  • Built-in overflow system where excess water and nutrients are delivered straight to the rootball

  • 360° bottom lip directs all water and nutrients to your plant

  • Four three-way stakes on the bottom for extra stability

  • Holes in all four corners for leftover water drainage

  • Stackable & Reusable

  • BPA and lead-free plastic


Technology Items  Specification/Parameters
Model 4 6 8 inch drip cap
Size 4"x4"x1.6"    6"x6"x1.6"    8"x8"x1.6"
1. Stackable,Reusable BPA and lead-free plastic
2. Also used with smart pots and farbric pots
Application Drip cap on your Rockwool cubes and maximize your space in the vegetative cycle





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