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Gardening scissors - pruning scissors

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Whether it is professional planting, or hobbies, are inseparable from a handy scissors. Anyone who has seriously cultivated plants should know how important it is for a plant to prune its branches. To a certain extent, it determines the flourishing situation of plant growth. If fruit trees are planted, it even directly determines the yield of fruit trees.


Of course, there are many kinds of gardening scissors on the market. It's also a skill to choose the right gardening scissors.

1. Observe the length of the edge of the scissors. A pair of scissors with long and short cutting edges, the long one is suitable for thick rhizomes, and the short one is suitable for thin ones.

2. Choose gardening scissors that are easy and labor-saving. Try it before you buy it. Try the handle and the weight.

3. Check the spring in the middle of the garden scissors. In the process of purchase, try the opening and closing of spring gardening scissors, and choose the one with strong and stable rebound.

4. Choose stainless steel gardening scissors. Good quality scissors may be bought at a high price, but they are durable, easy to clean and not easy to crack.

5. Choose the one with moderate friction at the handle. Too much friction is easy to cause hand discomfort, too little friction is easy to cause sliding.




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