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CEC lowered its corn yield forecast for South Africa

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News on August 31: on Monday, the South African crop forecasting Commission (CEC) released its seventh forecast of grain yield and sowing area in 2021. The report shows that South Africa's corn production in 2021 is 16316265 tons, lower than the last forecast of 1643115 tons, but still higher than the 15.3 million tons in 2020.

The sown area of corn in South Africa in 2021 is 2755400 hectares, which is the same as the forecast last month, higher than 994500 hectares last year.

CEC predicted that the output of white jade rice in South Africa this month was 8764565 tons, lower than the 8936815 tons predicted last month, and the output of last year was 8547500 tons. The output of yellow corn in South Africa is expected to be 7551700 tons, higher than the forecast of 7494300 tons last month and 6752500 tons last year.

Source: Master Boyi