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Affected by the epidemic situation, Myanmar pepper is exported in cold winter

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According to the farmer's market news, recently, affected by the epidemic, the domestic pepper export is unsalable. Therefore, the market price of pepper has hit a record low for many times. At present, farmers can only sell at very low prices in order to reduce losses.

A farmer who grows pepper said that affected by the epidemic, we are facing difficulties. We do it for nothing in one season, and the cost of farming has also drifted. Now, some farmers' trade enterprises distribute seeds to farmers and collect money from farmers after harvest.

A businessman engaged in Pepper import and export said that before, the price of a drag of pepper was more than 10000 Kyats, but now the price of a drag of pepper is only about 3000 Kyats. There is little domestic demand for pepper. Even if someone buys it, it can only be sold at a low price. This year, farmers planting pepper are facing losses, not including fertilization, watering, weeding, harvesting and so on.

A businessman at Muse border said that during the epidemic, the transportation industry was seriously affected and the number of trucks operated became less and less. At present, we only hope that the farmers' market can quickly warm up, and our hard work will not be wasted. Although the price of pepper was only 4000 ~ 6000 Kyats last year, the sales volume is much better than now.

Source: Myanmar Chinese website