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Why does the United States promote the legalization of marijuana?

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There are many reasons behind the legalization of marijuana, and economic interests are an indisputable fact.

Colorado, the first state to allow legal marijuana, hopes that the "marijuana tourists" pouring into the state can bring huge tourism revenue. According to statistics, Colorado achieved $600 million in revenue from selling marijuana in 2014. As soon as there is no profit, the United States has just set off a wave of legalization of marijuana, and the entrepreneurial activities related to marijuana have been growing rapidly. In 2020, the legal marijuana industry in the United States increased by 74% and the market size reached US $2.7 billion. This emerging market has attracted the attention of a large number of entrepreneurs and investors. In the search of angel list, an American entrepreneurship information platform, more than 300 marijuana startups can be found, with an average valuation of US $4.6 million. Around the whole marijuana industry chain, these startups cover almost all consumption fields such as planting, sales, logistics, appliances, search and social networking.

Another reason is that this is to achieve the alternative drug policy orientation under the macro goal of drug control and reduction.

In the paper on the evolution and choice of drug policy - the benign interaction between national will and public demand, scholars have a point of view "Drug policy expresses the basic attitude of the state to restrict or tolerate drugs based on political, cultural, social and even moral factors. National drug control, individual citizen's right demands and civil society's desire for order will interact with drug policy." Under such interaction, the legalization of marijuana can be regarded as a "compromise" move of the government to a certain extent. Compared with heroin and other "hard drugs" with strong addiction and great harm to health, such "soft drugs" as marijuana The harm is lower. In order to prevent people from contacting strong drugs, we are allowed to use soft drugs such as marijuana with restrictions.

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