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Vietnam's agriculture ushers in a new outlet

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Facing the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation complex evolution, and giving many difficulties and interruptions to the production, supply, transportation and sale chain of various provinces and cities, the Minister of agriculture and rural development of Vietnam, led by Li Huan, set up the "agricultural products production and marketing docking forum". The main task of the forum is to update trade promotion information, connect the supply and demand of agricultural products and agricultural materials, and eliminate difficulties in the production sales chain.

In addition, the forum also carries out agricultural professional activities, such as statistical information, synthesis and prediction of production management; Planting area number, link and traceable information; Training information, improving production organization capacity, etc. At the same time, through the databases in many fields of digital agriculture, the opening of online store channels for agricultural products, and the construction of online agricultural products exhibition on the website of agricultural products supply and demand, the forum is regarded as a cool "new outlet" of Vietnamese agriculture and contributes to accelerating the process of agricultural digital transformation in the future.

Specifically, with the help of the online agricultural products exhibition, the online agricultural products store will be displayed on the computer screen in 3D and 4D space, and the buyer and the seller can directly send messages, e-mails and other ways to facilitate investment docking. It is worth noting that the online agricultural products exhibition will also help enterprises, cooperatives and farmers make in-depth statistics on existing customers, potential customers and products most interested in the market, so as to formulate appropriate production plans in terms of output, quality and packaging design.

For the comprehensive information in the agricultural field, it will be easy to find after digitization, so as to help enterprises identify the key agricultural and product fields and build a connection chain; Farmers can query weather, climate and market forecasts to serve production. Finally, with the help of online farmers' market channels, digital agricultural product sales have taken shape. There, consumers can buy goods through electronic trading platforms; Based on blockchain technology, the application monitors products "from farm to table", so as to trace the source of agricultural products.

It can be seen that during the covid-19 epidemic, agriculture had an unprecedented impact on production, processing, transportation and sales. However, we have never witnessed such a rapid and powerful transformation in the agricultural field as now. The whole management system from the central to the local authorities has participated fiercely, put forward many solutions for the application of science and technology, and are determined to stick to the supply and sales chain of agricultural products.

At the same time, farmers, cooperatives and enterprises are full of confidence and excitement and actively participate in it. Under the background that the fourth industrial revolution has existed in all aspects of social life, the birth of the agricultural products production and sales docking forum will become a powerful lever to promote the development of smart agriculture and modern agriculture.

Source: Vietnam people's daily


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