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Ukraine's Buckwheat harvest hit a record high in 2021

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On October 25, the Ukrainian latifundist network reported that the Minister of agricultural policy and food of Ukraine, leshenko, sent a document on Facebook that at present, the 15 states of Ukraine have harvested 107000 tons of buckwheat, which is the highest output in recent years. Leshenko said that in the first two months, we predicted that this year's Buckwheat harvest could reach the level of 100000 tons. At present, the total harvest output of 15 states has reached 107000 tons, exceeding the original expectation. It is estimated that this year's Buckwheat harvest will exceed 110000 tons.

This year's Buckwheat harvest is inseparable from the state's support for buckwheat development. The national buckwheat development plan stipulates that the subsidy for farmers planting buckwheat can be up to 5000 hryvna per hectare. In 2021, a total of 50 million hryvnas were subsidized for buckwheat growers. Those who create panic will see that Ukraine has the ability to ensure buckwheat and food security.

Source: Economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy in Ukraine