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UK regulators ban Charlotte's Web and other CBD products

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The U.K. food regulator has ordered nearly 100 products containing CBD to be removed from store shelves in the country, with the ban list including three CBD oil extracts made by Colorado-based Charlotte's Web. Thousands of other CBD products have been approved for consumer use. Although the U.K. lags behind the U.S. and most Western European countries in allowing citizens to legally access cannabis in some form, the country is still in the midst of a years-long CBD boom. According to BusinessCann, manufacturers of more than 12,000 CBD products have submitted applications to the U.K. Food Standards Agency (FSA). The agency disqualified about 100 products for "various reasons," which were not disclosed. Observers speculate that the reasons may include CBD doses exceeding the UK's recommended daily allotment of 75 mg, but the products must be sold by February 2020 to be approved through this process. Other products must go through a separate "novel food" approval program.