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The prospect of new cotton production in the United States is optimistic

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From August 13 to 19, 021, the average price of standard spot in the seven major domestic markets in the United States was 91.06 cents / pound, up 2.71 cents / pound compared with the previous week and 33.23 cents / pound compared with the same period last year. In that week, 3545 packages were sold in the seven domestic spot markets in the United States, and 7235 packages were sold in 2020 / 21.

The spot price of Upland Cotton in the United States rose, the inquiry for new flowers abroad in Texas was light or average, and the demand from China, South Korea and Turkey was the best; The foreign inquiry in the western desert area and St. Joaquin area is light; The price of Pima cotton is stable and the foreign inquiry is light.

In that week, domestic textile mills in the United States made an inquiry for grade 4 cotton shipped from November this year to April next year. There was a good demand for yarn. Affected by the lack of labor and limited production capacity, the factory tried its best to meet the demand. At present, the production is still dominated by front-line personal protective articles and ordinary consumption. American cotton exports are good. Colombia and Honduras have inquired about the recent shipment of grade 4 cotton.

In that week, tropical storm "Fred" brought moderate to heavy rain to the south of the southeastern United States, with the maximum rainfall of 75-125mm and 25-50mm in other areas. At present, the local new cotton grows well, the boll setting is progressing steadily, and the early sowing field has begun to crack the boll and open the boll; There is a large-scale thunderstorm in the north of Southeast China, with a rainfall of 25-50 mm. The growth of new cotton is accelerated and the Bolling is promoted rapidly.

There is nearly 50 mm rainfall in the north of the delta. The current humidity and temperature are conducive to the accelerated maturity of new cotton, and the growth of new cotton is generally good; There is thunderstorm in the south of the Delta, the maximum rainfall is 75mm, and the growth of new cotton continues to lag behind for about two weeks.

The harvest in the coastal areas of southern Texas and Rio Grande River Basin accelerated, and new cotton continued to arrive at the ginning plant and began processing. The new cotton in the northern coastal area has been bolled and ripening agent has been applied, and the harvest is about a month away. The light rain in eastern Texas has accelerated the growth of new cotton. At present, it has fully blossomed and is close to topping. The per unit yield prospect of dry land field is promising. The maximum rainfall in some areas of western Texas is 200 mm, the rainfall in hilly areas is very large, and there are different degrees of favorable rainfall in other areas. Although the rainfall leads to the interruption of field operations, most new cotton has bloomed and bolled, and new cotton is expected to be high-yield.

The harvest area of Arizona in the western desert area increased year-on-year, and the yield of upland cotton is expected to increase by 9%. The growth of new cotton is excellent, and the processing will begin in September. The reduction of irrigation water next year may affect the planting area. The harvest area of New Mexico is reduced, and the yield is reduced by 30%. The seedling situation is generally general; The St. Joaquin area continues to be dry and hot without rain, the growth of new cotton is accelerated, the Bolling is basically over, the cotton farmers begin the preparation for the harvest period, and the processing will begin in October; The new cotton in Pima cotton area is growing smoothly. The Cotton Bolls at the bottom have begun to open. The cotton plants are covered with cotton bolls. Defoliation agent is sprayed in some areas. The processing will begin in September.

Source: China Cotton network