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The autumn harvest of grain in Kazakhstan has been completed

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According to the news released by the Ministry of agriculture of Kazakhstan, despite the impact of adverse climate conditions, Kazakhstan's autumn harvest of grain this year has been completed, with a cumulative harvest of 16.4 million tons of grain and an average unit yield of 10.3 kilowatts / ha. Among them, 80800 tons of buckwheat were harvested, a year-on-year increase of 76%; Rye increased by 43%, grain corn by 22.6%, legumes by 1.3%, millet by 15% and feed corn by 5%. The quality index of newly harvested grain is high. Among the soft wheat purchased by grain collection and storage enterprises, 90.5% belong to Grade 1-3 wheat, and this index is only 81.2% in 2020. The proportion of high gluten wheat increased significantly. Among the acquired three-level soft wheat, high-quality hi Pro wheat with strong international market demand accounts for about 60%. Overall, the grain harvested in Kazakhstan can fully meet the needs of the domestic market and ensure a certain amount of export.

In addition, 3.9 million tons of potatoes, 4.9 million tons of vegetables and 2.8 million tons of melons were harvested this year. The harvest of oil crops is still in progress. 3 million hectares (96.6%) have been harvested, and the output of oilseeds is 2.3 million tons.

Source: Economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy in the Republic of Kazakhstan


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