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The Most Advanced Vertical Platform Available Today

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The mobile grow rack is a proprietary, self-contained lightweight aluminum rack system which can contain any number of vertical production or propagation levels. The number of levels is determined only by the height requirements of the crop being produced. Each modular the rack system can be purchased with or without lights or irrigation. In the near future, we will be introducing an energy efficient proprietary air distribution system for The mobile grow rack.

Assembly is quick and easy, all holes for the light fixtures are pre-drilled, The standard mobile grow rack is 24” wide x 63” long and can extend to 8’ high and each unit comes with heavy duty casters. The waterproof trays are made from heavy ABS plastic, they’re UV and Algae resistant and have a built in sump for drainage. The mobile grow rack are manufactured by our Dutch partner, one of the world’s largest suppliers of greenhouse benches and Danish trolleys. We can build many different sizes, just email us for more information.

The mobile grow rack are available for sale worldwide. Send an email and we’ll connect you to one of our distributors.

Not only are they used in The mobile grow rack, restaurants use mobile grow rack to provide their chefs with adequate quantities of fresh gourmet herbs, unique spices and heirloom vegetables for use in food preparation. They’re perfect for any food service situation such as military, oil rigs, hospitals, prisons, etc.

The mobile grow rack rack system is perfect for schools: not only can students learn about sustainability, they can also enjoy the fresh healthy greens that they’ve grown. The mobile grow rack are in use by seed breeders, universities, local vertical farmers, researchers and hobbyists. They’re an inexpensive way to learn about indoor vertical farming. Contact us for more information or our U.S.


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