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The Chilean cherry season is about to begin

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As the southern hemisphere enters early summer, the Chilean cherry season from 2021 to 2022 is about to begin. The first batch of Chilean cherries this year arrived in China at the end of October. They were officially approved to enter the market after going through "tailor-made" Quarantine.

Off season fruit, quality assurance

As we all know, Chile is a country in the southern hemisphere. Contrary to the Chinese season, it can continuously provide out of season fruits to ensure their seasonality and freshness. In addition, Chile also has a unique climate advantage - abundant light, mild climate, and pure and natural soil, giving cherry beautiful color and sweet and juicy taste.

Quality comes from nature, and advanced technical support is indispensable. Chile has always been a large agricultural exporter. It has first-class planting technology and scientific post harvest disposal process to ensure the professionalism of a series of processes such as fresh fruit picking, preservation and transportation to the greatest extent. Therefore, Chilean cherries often have higher and more stable quality.

Chilean cherries continue to supply the Chinese market

In recent years, the output and export of Chilean cherries have been increasing, and Chile has always maintained the position of China's largest cherry importer. The data show that the output of Chilean cherries in 2020 / 21 quarter has increased by 38.3%. According to the report, this data will reach a new high in 2021 / 22 quarter, with an increase of 9.8% over the previous quarter, reaching 387268 tons.

In addition to the increase in output, the supply of Chilean cherries also has the characteristics of long-term freshness. Affected by environmental climate and other factors, the ripening and harvesting time of Chilean cherries are different, which can maintain a long production season and continuously supply fresh cherries in autumn, winter and even early spring. During the whole Spring Festival and other festivals, Chilean cherry will be an excellent gift choice, and a series of promotion activities will be carried out with the theme of "happiness is at this moment".

New export standard of Chilean cherry

Recently, the Chilean cherry Committee under the association of Chilean fruit exporters (asoex) issued the quality guide for exporting cherries, which stipulates the new standard for China's export of cherries. From December 1, 2021, the minimum size of cherries to China will be "XL" (more than 24mm), which means that L-size cherries will no longer be transported to China. In addition, the committee also agreed on the appearance standards of exported cherries to ensure that the cherries shipped to China have smooth surface and consistent shape.

Cristi á n tagle, chairman of the Chilean cherry Commission, said: "the release of the quality guide for export cherries is an important milestone in the export quality and consistency of our industry. The Chilean cherry Commission will continue to play a leading role in helping partners in the export market better understand and obtain consistent high-quality products."

Keep epidemic prevention safe

In addition to the new regulations on the quality of cherry products, Chile also attaches great importance to the safety of cherry export. Ronald bow, President of the association of Chilean fruit exporters (asoex), said that in order to ensure the safety and health of exported cherries, the growers and exporters of the Chilean cherry Commission have made a lot of efforts, such as all workers when picking and packaging cherries, Will wear masks and gloves.

For the epidemic situation in Chile, data show that Chile is considered by the international community to be one of the countries with the fastest and widest vaccination in the world. According to the latest news, 80% of the residents of Chile have received at least one shot of vaccine, which is one of the countries with the highest vaccination rate in the world.

As the largest fruit importer in China, Chile always insists on controlling the quality and safety of fruits to provide reassuring products to Chinese consumers. The Chilean cherry committee will check at all levels, strictly implement export standards, and bring safe, healthy and delicious Chilean cherry products to the Chinese market in this year's cherry season.

Source: China Fruit Circulation Association


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