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Thailand became the first country in Asia to legalize cannabis

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According to abcnews (ABC News), on January 25, anutin charnvirakul, Thailand's health minister, announced on Facebook that the Narcotics Control Commission had approved the removal of marijuana from the Ministry's list of controlled drugs. The change will take effect 120 days after the publication of the official gazette.

Chavilakur called the announcement "good news" and pointed out the need to establish "rules and frameworks" for the cultivation and use of cannabis to ensure that mahjong is used "for the benefit of people in the fields of medicine, research and education".

These rules will be part of the marijuana and marijuana bill. Chavilakur promised to introduce the bill in parliament on Wednesday and approve the cultivation of marijuana at home after first notifying the local government. At the same time, the use of marijuana for commercial purposes requires a license issued by the government.

However, the Minister of health did not say how the change would affect the legal issue of recreational marijuana use. Police and lawyers contacted by the associated press said it was unclear whether possession of marijuana would no longer constitute a crime and could be arrested. The confusion of relevant laws means that the production and possession of marijuana are still regulated temporarily, and the legal status of recreational marijuana use is in a gray area.

Thailand became the first Asian country to legalize the production and use of medical marijuana in 2020.

According to the changes in 2020, most of the cannabis plant was deleted from the list of "category 5" controlled drugs, but the parts related to recreational uses were retained. The food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now implementing a proposal to remove all parts from the list.

Health minister chavirakur has been a strong promoter of the legalization of marijuana. He is the leader of Phuket Thai party, the main partner of Thailand's coalition government, and promised to legalize marijuana production to help farmers in the 2019 general election. The latest measures are also seen as helping to promote cannabis products as a major industry in Thailand.

Chaverakul said last week that the FDA proposal "is a response to the government's urgent policies in developing marijuana and marijuana to provide medical and health benefits, developing technology and generating income for the public."

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