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"Status quo is not a tenable option": EU ministers discuss obstacles to cannabis policy

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Leading European government ministers have concluded that more must be done to develop a sustainable framework to regulate recreational cannabis across the region. Government ministers from Germany, Malta, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, the conference host, met July 15 to discuss the legal implications of adult-use cannabis regulation and market oversight. Industry officials called the meeting a positive first step in developing a workable regulatory solution to oversee the production and sale of legal recreational cannabis in the EU. The meeting - believed to be the first of its kind and held at Senningen Castle - involved countries with varying degrees of interest in regulating recreational marijuana. At the end of the meeting, Germany, Luxembourg and Malta adopted a joint statement. In the joint statement, the three ministers agreed that cannabis is the most widely used illicit drug throughout Europe, adding that "it is impossible to control the quality and potency of cannabis products and achieve public health objectives as long as they are not regulated and controlled by public authorities." "It is our responsibility to review existing and future regulations and policies in light of new scientific evidence, monitoring data, emerging consumption patterns and market evolution."

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