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Spain lainco launches the first biostimulant

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The Chinese website of world agrochemical network reported that in September 2021, lainco company of Spain showed the first biological stimulation laiguant prime developed by it to naturally reduce the physiological fruit drop of Citrus in the citrus day activity, which is a new tool for citrus growers to seek to increase value and realize differentiated commercialization.

Laiguant prime contains 4.57% free amino acids, 0.95% alginic acid, 0.25% mannitol, 0.42% total nitrogen and 0.42% organic nitrogen.

Hugo cores, Deputy Sales Director of lainco, said that so far, there are only two solutions on the market to prevent fruit from falling. But they leave residues and are not suitable for organic farmers. After more than three years of in-depth research on physiological, hormonal and nutritional status, they have confirmed that the formula can regulate the levels of cytokinin and gibberellin in the exocarp and reduce the level of abscisic acid (ABA) in the petiole. Similarly, the Brix can be increased, so as to improve the TSS / TA ratio of treated fruits.

Technicians pointed out that it is an effective product against physiological fruit drop. It does not contain plant quarantine or hormone substances, has zero residue and does not damage tree physiology. It is suitable for conventional and ecological agriculture.

In order to visually demonstrate the application advantages of this product, I? AKI Torres, Regional Coordinator of southwest region of syntech research, introduced some demonstration studies using laiguant prime in the main citrus areas of verwa province. In lane late and Valencia midknight, it can be seen that after the application of laiguant prime, the fruit drop rate decreased to about 60% compared with the control.

Source: World agrochemical network


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