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Qujing industrial marijuana planting and processing project

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Industrial hemp refers to hemp products with tetrahydrocannabinol content less than 0.3%. It does not have drug utilization value. It can be used in a wide range. It is mainly used in textile, papermaking, medicine, chemical industry, leather, construction, decoration, packaging and other fields. It is an important means of production. 10 mu of industrial marijuana can produce 6300 liters of methanol / ethanol fuel; Using industrial hemp to make paper, the paper produced is naturally bright and the pollution to the environment is greatly reduced; Industrial hemp fiber can also produce recycled composite building materials; Cannabis two cannabidi (CBD) in industrial hemp has therapeutic effects on arthritis, diabetes, chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, epilepsy and other diseases. The application of industrial hemp stalk core ultra-fine powder modified coating technology in the textile field can produce high-performance fabrics with light, soft, durable, waterproof and stable moisture permeability. It is mainly used in the field of military uniforms and civil outdoor clothing, and the market demand prospect is good. It can be seen that the industrial marijuana industry has great development potential, among which the pharmaceutical and textile fields are important downstream application markets of industrial marijuana.

China is an important origin of industrial cannabis in the world, and its output accounts for about 50% of the total global output. According to the statistics of the world intellectual property organization, 309 of the world's 606 patents related to marijuana come from Chinese enterprises and individuals. China strictly controls the cultivation, processing and trafficking of industrial marijuana. At present, the cultivation and processing of industrial marijuana in China need to be approved by the local public security bureau. Yunnan (2010), Heilongjiang (2017) and Jilin (2018) have been approved to develop the industrial marijuana industry under the guidance of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences. As the first province in China to approve the cultivation and processing of industrial marijuana, Yunnan Province has certain advantages in the quantity and quality of industrial marijuana, and has become the first province in China to allow and supervise the cultivation of industrial marijuana in the form of regulations. According to the data provided by the drug control bureau of Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department, since 2010, the province has approved the cultivation of more than 220000 mu of industrial marijuana, covering 38 counties (cities and districts) in 13 prefectures (cities).

In 2010, the regulations of Yunnan Province on the license for industrial marijuana cultivation and processing officially came into force. The provisions of Article 1 make a clear statement: in order to strengthen the supervision and management of industrial hemp cultivation and processing, the provisions are formulated according to the authorization of the Yunnan Provincial Drug Control Ordinance and the actual situation, and the units and individuals who approve the preparation of the industrial hemp leaf processing project may, according to the preparation for approval, handle all kinds of certificates, set up processing places, and purchase processing facilities. In addition, on June 27, 2019, the notice of the Department of science and technology of Yunnan Province and the Department of finance of Yunnan Province on Issuing the application guidelines for science and technology projects in key fields in 2020 was issued. The relevant contents of industrial marijuana are reflected in the "application guidelines for science and technology projects in biomedicine in 2020", specifically expressed as the key industrial chain proposed in the construction drawing of biomedical industry in Yunnan Province, as well as industrial marijuana, biological manufacturing In relevant fields such as R & D and application of stem cell technology, accelerate the introduction of relevant enterprises to Yunnan, expand the increment and promote the high-quality development of the industry.

With the value of cannabinoid in food, cosmetics and medical fields being excavated, more and more countries have declared industrial marijuana (or medical marijuana) legal. As of January 2019, 41 countries around the world have declared medical marijuana legal, and more than 50 countries have declared CBD legal. The legalization process and the expansion of cannabinoid application promote the rapid growth of the industry. If the medicinal research value and new utilization direction of industrial marijuana can be further confirmed in the research and practical application of international academic circles in the future, it is expected that the legalization process of industrial marijuana will be further promoted in China. That is to promote the increase in the number of provinces legalizing industrial marijuana and support the development of related industries.

Source: CIC Xinde Yang Gang


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