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Publicly Funded Marijuana Research Center Opens in Chicago

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More than a month after President Joe Biden signed a new marijuana research bill, officials say they intend to open a marijuana-focused research lab and think tank in Chicago in 2023. The Cannabis Institute will be operated by a subsidiary of the University of Illinois in the city's downtown area and will have a broad remit that includes policy advocacy as well as plant and medical science, according to the Chicago Tribune. According to the newspaper, the Cannabis Institute will be funded entirely by public money, rejecting cash from marijuana industry participants and investors. Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker said Chicago was chosen as a state-funded marijuana research institute because some of the nation's largest cannabis companies are headquartered there. Notable multistate operators Cresco Labs, Green Thumb Industries (one of only a few multistate operators in the U.S. to be profitable by 2021) and Verano Holdings are all located in the city.

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