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Preparation stage for Germany to start cannabis legislation

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Germany will hold a series of expert hearings at the Federal Ministry of health this week as part of the country's plan to legalize cannabis production and sales. After Canada began to legalize cannabis regulation in 2018, Germany may become the second G20 country to legalize the cultivation and sale of recreational cannabis. Financial opportunities can run into billions of dollars. The Ministry announced that it would hold the first of five hearings this week. Five hearings will cover: health and consumer protection. Protection and prevention of minors. Supply chain, ecological and economic issues. Criminal liability, controls and permits. International experience. The process is expected to attract more than 200 leading experts from addiction medicine, addiction help, legal, business and industry associations, as well as representatives of German states, municipalities, federal ministries and other federal authorities. Global experts will also give their opinions at the "international experience" hearing scheduled for June 30.

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