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Peru's blueberry exports to China will grow 111% year on year this quarter

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The 2021 / 2022 Peruvian blueberry season starts in early May and is expected to last until April 2022. According to data provided by the Peruvian Association of blueberry producers and exporters (proar á ndanos)

In this quarter, the total shipment will increase by 25% to 200000 tons.

Of this, 49% will go to the United States, 32% to Europe, 17% to China and 2% to other destinations. In terms of the growth rate of shipment volume, China's market grew the most, reaching 111%. Peru exported 16000 tons of blueberries to China last quarter and is expected to reach 30000 tons this quarter. Peru's shipments to the United States and Europe are also expected to grow, reaching 22% and 20% respectively.

By the end of 2020, Peru had 46 blueberry varieties registered for export, a significant increase compared with 13 varieties in 2016. It is understood that this year, Peruvian blueberry will continue to be committed to developing new markets, especially in Asia. Priority will be given to South Korea, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam.

Daniel Bustamante, President of the association, said that Peruvian blueberries are positioned as high-quality, reliable and sustainable commodities. At the same time, the association will also invest more money in promotional activities.


Source: international fruit and vegetable Report