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New York State will issue its first marijuana retail license

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US media reported that the legalization of marijuana in New York will start with "farm direct dining table" or "farm direct store", and a retail license will be issued to people with a criminal record of marijuana to help marginalized people enter the marijuana industry; The certificate is expected to be issued in late summer and early autumn this year.

According to the "news of the world" reported on the 5th, New York governor hochul recently announced the "planting opportunity initiative" to allow New York hemp farmers to apply for marijuana planting licenses. The initiative was approved by the state marijuana Control Committee and opened to apply for a license in the middle of last month; The committee also solicited public opinions on the relevant provisions of retail pharmacies. The pharmacy must be owned by the equity owner who has a criminal record of marijuana, and the pharmacy owner must also have the background of holding and operating small enterprises; These operators will take the lead in setting up a drug Bureau for sale in the adult marijuana market in New York state.

Hochul said that the state of New York is taking an initiative in the marijuana industry and taking an important step in "correcting past mistakes". Hochul said that the regulations proposed by the marijuana Control Commission will give priority to local farmers and entrepreneurs and create employment opportunities for excluded groups. New York will become a national industry model of safety, fairness and inclusiveness.

On the 1st of this month, a bill on decriminalization of marijuana was approved by the US House of Representatives, but it is unlikely to be passed in the Senate. Lawmakers who voted against said potent marijuana was harming users and would lead to the final use of opioids and other dangerous substances. Currently, marijuana is legally available for adult use in 19 states and for medical use in 36 states.

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