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Key techniques of NFT cultivation

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1. Selection of crop species and varieties

There are many crops cultivated by NFT, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, strawberries, lettuce, celery, spinach and other leafy vegetables. Economic benefits should also be considered. Generally, tomato, melon, cucumber and leafy vegetables with high growth rate can be cultivated. Generally, the varieties with disease resistance, high yield and yield increasing advantages should be selected.

2. Seedling raising with bowl is convenient for planting

In order to prevent the occurrence of soil borne diseases, the seedlings of soilless crops, especially NFT, must be raised first. You can use vermiculite, rice husk fumigation, rock wool or hydroponic planting cotton for seedling. The seedlings must be planted with rock wool to fix the root system and facilitate planting and management.

3. To ensure that the appropriate slope of the cultivation bed

In order to make the nutrient solution in the cultivation bed circulate, the cultivation bed must be kept at a suitable slope. The slope is suitable for cultivation without obstacles in the afternoon. However, it should be noted that the cultivation bed should not be too long, and the bottom of the bed should be made into gentle slope village to prevent the nutrient solution from flowing in a snake shape in the bed.

4. The supply of nutrient solution should be timely

The supply of NFT nutrient solution is small, and the root system has no buffering effect of matrix, so it is necessary to supplement NFT nutrient solution timely and often. If the economic conditions permit, the EC value can be determined by conductivity meter and supplemented according to the EC value. In production, it can be adjusted and supplemented according to the standard concentration according to the water reduction of the liquid supply tank. In the period of vigorous growth, high temperature season and noon in the daytime, we should pay more attention to timely fluid supplement. Intermittent fluid supply can increase yield, and the concentration can be determined according to different crops and different growth periods.

5. Pay attention to the adjustment of pH value

In the process of crop growth, the pH value of nutrient solution often changes, which destroys the nutrient balance and solubility of nutrient solution, affects the absorption of root system, and causes the nutrient imbalance of crop, so it should be detected and adjusted in time.

6. Pay attention to the stability of rhizosphere temperature

The rhizosphere temperature of NFT cultivated crops is greatly affected by the outside world, especially in the high and low temperature seasons, so measures should be taken to ensure the stability. The liquid supply tank can be set underground and covered for protection; The planting bed can be semi underground to make the crop rhizosphere close to the topsoil; When planting, especially in high temperature season, the rhizosphere seal should be tight to prevent the stem and leaf from being burned by heat.

7. Pay attention to the prevention and treatment of nutritional disorders and other physiological diseases. We should often observe, make diagnosis according to typical symptoms, find out the causes and take countermeasures in time.


Source: blog of Chinese urban farmers


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