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Kazakhstan's grain production is expected to decline in 2021

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Interfax news agency, Nursultan, September 17 - according to the news released by the Ministry of agriculture of Kazakhstan, as of September 17, Kazakhstan has completed a total of 14.1 million hectares of grain and legume crop harvesting, with an average output of 9.2 T / ha, a decrease of 22.8% compared with 2020 (11.9 t / HA). 13 million tons of grain were threshed, including 10.4 million tons of wheat. In addition, 197800 tons of oil crops, 2142000 tons of potatoes, 3.73 million tons of vegetables and 2.581 million tons of melons were harvested.

As of September 17, 10.6 million hectares of crops had been harvested in the main grain producing areas of Kazakhstan (akmora state, kostanai state and North Kazakhstan state), accounting for 91.4% of the total harvest area. A total of 8.9 million tons of grain had been harvested, with an average unit yield of 8.4 ounces / ha. It is expected that all harvest work will be completed in early October, and the total grain output will reach 15.3 million tons, including 10.5 million tons of wheat. In 2019 and 2020, Kazakhstan's total grain output will be 2006.3 million tons and 17.4 million tons respectively.

According to the data released by the National Bureau of statistics of Kazakhstan, as of August 1, 2021, the stock of cereals and legumes in Kazakhstan was 3.5 million tons, including 2.8 million tons of wheat. With the balance of previous years, about 18.8 million tons of grain can be actually distributed this year, including 13.3 million tons of wheat.

The demand for wheat in Kazakhstan's domestic market is about 7.6 million tons. Among them, 3 million tons of edible wheat, 2 million tons of feed wheat, 1.8 million tons of seed wheat and 800000 tons of processed wheat. It is estimated that the annual export volume of wheat (including flour) is about 5.5-6 million tons.

In order to ensure grain harvesting, the Ministry of agriculture of Kazakhstan has arranged 396500 tons of low-cost diesel oil. The average ex factory price is 156 tenge / L and the average user price is 177 tenge / L.

Source: Business Office of the Embassy in Kazakhstan


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