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Kazakhstan has good prospects for organic agriculture

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According to the news released by the Ministry of agriculture of Kazakhstan, the 2nd Kazakhstan Organic Foods International Conference (qazaq organic foods) was held in akmora state on the same day. The participants exchanged and discussed the development status and future prospects of organic food industry in Kazakhstan.

Participating experts believe that Kazakhstan has broad prospects for the development of organic agriculture. According to the data released by the European Commission, Kazakhstan's exports of organic agricultural products to the EU ranked 9th among 123 countries and regions in the world in 2018-2019 agricultural year. Kazakhstan's organic agricultural products exported to the EU mainly include wheat and flax. Among them, the export of organic wheat ranked fourth and flaxseed ranked sixth. In addition, organic animal husbandry in Kazakhstan has great development potential. Most livestock in Kazakhstan adopt stocking mode, and horse milk and camel milk are unique organic agricultural products. Kazakhstan is implementing the organic agriculture development plan, which will help to form the domestic organic agricultural product market and expand exports, improve the health level of residents, improve the ecological environment and promote safe food production.

Source: Economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy in the Republic of Kazakhstan