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Insight into American marijuana consumption market in 2022

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The founders of the marijuana industry are trying to explore the market, the users of the marijuana industry are also rising, and the frequency of use of existing CBD consumers continues to increase. The centralized growth of CBD industry appears in emerging channels such as convenience stores and grocery stores. Charlotte's web, your CBD store (sunmed) and other brands continue to lead and maintain the top two, and new brands continue to join. The fast-growing product categories such as soft candy and atomization have increased the diversification of cannabinoid applications, especially in CBD.

As medical consumers follow broader market trends, marijuana enterprises or product brands that want to expand their medical footprint can achieve market objectives to a greater extent and more efficiently by making minor adjustments to products and product positioning. In short, the cannabis consumption market in the United States is surging and changing in an unprecedented way. Do you have any insight?

Source: Dr. Han Ma