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Indoor Hydroponic NFT PVC Channels For Sale

Indoor hydroponic NFT channels greenhouse grow system is extremely suitable for larger, long-term crops such as vine tomatoes, peppers (capsicum), cucumbers and even roses. We ensure the PVC Channel Greenhouse Hydroponic NFT calibration standards, procedures and technicians in higher standards.

PVC channel nft hydroponics greenhouse grow system is extremely suitable for larger, long-term crops such as vine tomatoes, peppers (capsicum), cucumbers and even roses. We ensure the PVC Channel Greenhouse Hydroponic NFT calibration standards, procedures and technicians in higher standards. 

A properly designed NFT system is based on using the right channel slope, the right flow rate, and the right channel length. The plant roots are exposed to adequate supplies of water, oxygen and nutrients. In earlier production systems, there was a conflict between the supply of these requirements, since excessive or deficient amounts of one results in an imbalance of one or both of the others.

NFT, because of its design, provides a system wherein all three requirements for healthy plant growth can be met at the same time, provided that the simple concept of NFT is always remembered and practiced. The result of these advantages is that higher yields of high-quality produce are obtained over an extended period of cropping. A downside of NFT is that it has very little buffering against interruptions in the flow, e.g., power outages. But, overall, it is one of the more productive techniques.


The lastest Design of nft channel: Ribs on the bottom!

1,Promote the roots grow enviroment;

2, Improvo plants roots grow fastly;

3, Reduce the pump load.


 nft-channel (4)



Name PVC channel nft hydroponics greenhouse grow system
Length Customized
Size 10x5cm/10x10cm (W,H)
Fittings End cap, drain cap, elbow, connector, net pot.
Thickness 2 mm or Customized
Hole dia 5cm
Hole distance 20cm


End caps, drain caps, connectors, net cups, elbow are available:
Length of channel is customized, 10x10/10x8/10x5cm(W,H) for your choice:
Our Vertical nft system for your choice:
(layers, length,  yourself designed system is supported)


Advantages of nft channel:

1.Suitable for vegetable, lettuce or flower, etc.

2.Low cost, low water, low nutrient but high productivity;

3.Stable and high yields ;

4.Control the nutrition levels automatically;

5.No environment pollution;

6.Reduce pests and diseases ;

7.No cracking, light in weight;

8.Handle and transport easily;




 Flow rate:

As a general guide, flow rates for each gully should be 1 litre per minute. At planting, rates may be half this, and the upper limit of 2L/min appears about the maximum. Flow rates beyond these extremes are often associated with nutritional problems. Depressed growth rates of many crops have been observed when channels exceed 12 metres in length. On rapidly growing crops, tests have indicated that, while oxygen levels remain adequate, nitrogen may be depleted over the length of the gully. As a consequence, channel length should not exceed 10–15 metres. In situations where this is not possible, the reductions in growth can be eliminated by placing another nutrient feed halfway along the gully and reducing flow rates to 1L/min through each outlet. Care needs to be taken to maintain hygienic conditions and to avoid heavy metal contamination of NFT systems by using mainly plastic or stainless steel pumps and components.



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The reasons to choose us:

1.In addition to existing products market ,Wholesale  hydroponic NFT gully pvc pipe in greenhouse is our special product.We can provide more better choices for you!

2.We produce Wholesale  hydroponic NFT gully pvc pipe in greenhouse, which makes more competitive price and faster delivery;

3.We provide OEM service and submit various styles, latest designs to our clients;

4.We have great experience on provide high quality service to clients;


Company information

Our factory specialize in providing and exporting hydroponic accessories for farming, have the biggest advantage in providing the Economical Plastic Hydroponic NFT Channel. The Complete system will be able to provided. Our engineers , technicians and service staff will always at your service!



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