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Hydroponic Vertical Growing Rack System

Multilayer movable grow table reduce your vegetative footprint and allow more room for plants to flower. Many operators have come to us looking for a solution to grow in areas without adequate flowering space.

vertical grow rack system

vertical grow racks

Vertical Grow Rack - Help Creating High-density Grow Space

A type of indoor farming system that utilizes a compact, vertical space to grow plants. It is designed to optimize space and increase plant yield while using minimal resources. The system typically consists of several levels of plant shelves stacked on top of each other and mounted on wheels or tracks for easy movement.

Each shelf is designed to support several plants and includes features such as grow lights, irrigation systems, and environmental controls. The plants are grown in containers such as pots or trays filled with a growing medium, and the growing conditions can be adjusted to optimize plant growth, including temperature, humidity, and light.

Mobile vertical grow racks are often used in urban environments where space is limited, such as in warehouses, rooftops, or shipping containers. They are also used in research facilities and commercial farms to improve plant yield and reduce labor and energy costs.


Available width: 3ft/4ft/5ft

Available length: 8ft/10ft/12ft/16ft/20ft/32ft/40ft or customized

Tray: ABS 3mm

Height: 10-15ft of customized

Why Choose Vertical Grow Rack System

1.Eliminate Waste

2.Space Safer Workplace

3.Save on Climate Control Costs

4.Better Growing Conditions

5.Increased Profits

vertical grow system

mobile grow system

mobile vertical rack

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