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How to increase marijuana production before flowering?

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How to increase the yield of marijuana that has begun to bloom? If you haven't taken any measures during the growth of marijuana, please consider the last opportunity and don't miss it.

1. Increase light intensity

As we all know, light is actually a supplement, so it is the transfer of life energy. In short, if plants get more light output, they will grow larger flower buds.

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3 main methods of increasing light intensity

Install better cannabis plant growth lights;

It is very important to keep the growth of hemp plant as close as possible without overloading the plant.

Trim your new bud to develop horizontally in the light. Pruning during growth allows your plant to keep the light as close as possible without causing the tallest leaves to be burned by strong light.

When marijuana is surrounded by vegetation, they will actively respond and try to get higher to get better light.

2. choose the hemp plant growth lamp suitable for flowering at flowering stage.

In order to get the best yield, density and bud size, high quality hemp LED plant growth lamp should be used when the bud is formed.


3. Provide correct spectrum during bud formation

Using LED red light with more different wavelengths during flowering is more effective than using cannabis plant growth lights with more blue light.

Select the hemp LED plant growth lamp with the following Diodes:



Far red (infrared wavelength)

Generally, such lamps in the specification contain a definition of light temperature of 3000K, or indicate "far red" as an indication of the whole required spectrum displayed here. Visually, the lamp is displayed in pink, yellow or light red.

The hemp plants grown under the 480W GLMX480 hemp LED plant growth lamp look very attractive. Not much white ("fuzzy" )Your LED may or may not work. If you have a real example of another grower's success on similar equipment, please use only dimmable marijuana led planting lights. Experiments on technical issues are encouraged, but only if there is a clear understanding of the in-depth process and real large-scale growth. Marijuana planting lamps usually need to be kept at least 40cm above the plant to prevent bleaching and burns.

4. Follow the recommended leaf removal schedule

Most growers use targeted strategic defoliation to maximize their yield, which refers to the process of removing specific leaves at specific points of bud development. In fact, this process destroys the natural process of plants and makes buds larger and denser than normal. This method is more suitable for the seedlings of varieties with increased green amount. On the contrary, if your plant doesn't have too many leaves, the fallen leaves will slow down the growth rate, so don't overemphasize this operation.

Basic principle of soil defoliation:

Beginning of flowering (weeks 1-3): remove all large fan-shaped leaves from the long stem. This will expose your newly developed bud structure to direct light.

After 3 weeks, another defoliation is required only when the plant looks thick. Exposing the main branches to direct light will help the plant "focus" on the development of buds.

After the second large defoliation, only go out to cover the leaves of the bud, or if the plant becomes too dense in the middle and bottom of the Bush, it should be removed.

Note: the defoliation schedule outlined above is quite typical for most indoor growers, regardless of the variety selected by the grower. However, the timing of some operations may change due to various factors (mainly culture conditions).

5. Don't ignore the abnormal symptoms

After entering the flowering stage, plants have higher and higher requirements for the proportion of nutrients and their overall nutritional value. Ensure rapid diagnosis and correction of any nutritional deficiencies, insect attacks, diseases or other visible problems. Unhealthy plants lack the energy to form buds.

6. Optimize the environmental factors for cannabis growth

They are mainly related to the microclimate of your growth chamber / growth chamber at the flowering stage.

Temperature - keep between + 18 ℃ and + 26 ℃ as far as possible. Elevated temperatures are associated with loose or "ventilated" buds, weak bud odor, reduced immunity, mold formation, and insect invasion (especially if the buds are also wet).

Humidity - don't let the environment be too wet after the buds begin to develop. High humidity can lead to mold invasion and bud decay, and inhibit the growth of buds (high humidity makes it difficult to effectively transport water through key plant nodes).

Particularity - when the interior of the farmhouse / farmhouse has a reflective wall, it can prevent light loss. There are many options to improve reflectivity, such as painting walls with white paint or covering them with polyester film. Providing more light for plants will help your buds grow densely.

Air circulation - in addition to maintaining the correct temperature and humidity, it is also important for your plants to enjoy the breeze and plenty of fresh air. Effective air circulation can prevent many problems and accelerate plant growth, thereby increasing total yield.

Add extra carbon dioxide to the air - some growers add extra carbon dioxide to the air to increase production. Plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, and adding carbon dioxide to the air can make plants get more energy from the same amount of light.

7. Harvest in time

In the last two weeks before the peak of maturity, hemp buds gain weight significantly. Don't harvest too early. Even if you harvest a few weeks in advance, you can halve the final harvest. When most of the white hair on the bud turns black and curly, the hemp plant can be harvested. Experienced growers usually examine the glittering trichomes under a magnifying glass to ensure proper harvest timing.



Keep observing and thinking, don't stop developing and learning. Amazing discoveries happen almost every day, which means that there is always a need to know more about growing production.


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