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Horticulture therapy-more and more people's choice

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As we all know, the global aging phenomenon is becoming more and more serious. Because of economic and social reasons, more and more people choose not to marry and have infertility. The birth rate of the population is decreasing, the social population structure is constantly changing, and the needs of modern people are also changing. Health has become the focus of many people's attention.

People's lives are extending because of the progress of science and technology and the development of medical level. Not only that, a new type of treatment has emerged, which is horticultural therapy.

I also want to know that green is a healing color. The yearning for nature accelerates the emergence of horticultural healing. Horticultural activities have obvious benefits to people's physical and mental health. Therefore, it is favored by more and more institutions, such as hospitals, mental hospitals, charities, rehabilitation centers, sanatoriums, etc.

Healing garden is different from ordinary garden, in the design of full consideration of people's facial feelings, physical condition and so on. They will choose plants with bright colors, healthy and non-toxic, long flowering period and easy care. It is the natural charm of plants that makes people get healing and comfort.



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