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Florida Sets New Medical Marijuana Rules - Limits THC Dosage

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Florida regulators have set a cap on the dose of THC in medical marijuana products and the amount of supply doctors can recommend for patients using medical marijuana. According to Tampa-based public radio station WUSF, the new rules set a limit of 24,500 milligrams of THC in non-smoked marijuana over a 70-day period and limit doses of other form factors, such as edibles, nebulizers and tinctures. The daily THC dose limits are: food: 60 mg of food, e-cigarette products: 350 mg, capsules and tinctures: 200 mg, sublingual tinctures and suppositories: 190 mg, and topical: 150 mg. The updated rules took effect on Monday, according to WSW. The changes create a state law that limits the purchase of smokable cannabis flower to 2.5 ounces in a 35-day period and provides a way for doctors to seek waivers for patients who need more of the drug. Information source: