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Fertilizer prices rise in Bulgaria

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The Bulgarian National Radio reported on October 25 that ILIYA prodanov, a member of the leadership of the Bulgarian food producers association, said that the high price of chemical fertilizer had brought difficulties to food producers. The price of chemical fertilizer has doubled this year, which will greatly increase the cost of grain planting. Among them, the price of ammonium nitrate has increased by as much as 4 times. At present, Baotou has two factories producing ammonium nitrate, located in devnia and Dimitrovgrad respectively. The products of the former are exported abroad in large quantities, and the second has stopped production. Many fertilizer plants in Europe have also been closed due to high oil prices. In this case, farmers will postpone fertilization until next spring, but no one can predict whether prices will return to normal at that time.

Source: Economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy in the Republic of Bulgaria