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FDA cannabinoid supplement review deadline approaching

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Cannabinoid manufacturers have less than one week to submit data and opinions to the U.S. health regulatory authority to consider whether to allow the use of extracts such as CBD in food and dietary supplements. The Scientific Committee of the U.S. Food and drug administration is an advisory group composed of nutrition and drug safety experts. It will hold a meeting on June 14 to discuss "taking cannabinoids as a case study to assess the safety challenges of dietary supplements and food ingredients with predicted pharmacological activities". Scientists are expected to focus on CBD derived from industrial cannabis. Public opinions and other studies will be reviewed before June 7.

The Scientific Committee CBD review on June 14 was the first time since the US industrial marijuana Roundtable sent the observational study results to the US Food and drug administration. The observational study refuted some concerns of the US Food and Drug Administration about CBD, including the possibility of hepatotoxicity and the reduction of male testosterone. Marc scheineson, a lawyer and former FDA official, told the pharmaceutical intelligence department that if scientists found that the data of the industrial cannabis round table were sufficient, they could consider allowing the dose of over-the-counter CBD to be lower than that of prescription CBD drugs.

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