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FAO and EU work together to rebuild aquaculture and restore food security in Myanmar

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On July 29, FAO and the European Union jointly launched an aquaculture project aimed at restoring the livelihoods of vulnerable communities in Rakhine state, Myanmar and strengthening food security.

The region is located on the west coast of Myanmar. It was selected as the target of assistance because since 2012, 40% of households in the region have been in a state of food insecurity due to the displacement of people and the interruption of livelihoods due to domestic unrest, as well as the impact of natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes and earthquakes.

FAO explained that FAO and the European Union have repaired 60 local fish ponds and built 37 new fish ponds in Buthidaung and Mundo, directly benefiting 97 families. Each beneficiary family received aquaculture training and a set of means of production, including bamboo fence materials, fishing nets, 900 fish species and three months of rice bran.

FAO carries out fish pond construction and restoration activities through CFW. CFW, namely cash for work, refers to an aid method that allows the affected people in the disaster area to participate in various reconstruction work in the process of post disaster reconstruction, and then gives equivalent cash reward according to the value created by their labor.

Each CFW beneficiary works an average of 9 days and earns $56. According to FAO, as a result of the intervention, each beneficiary family will harvest up to 450 kg of fish per year. This will be used for household consumption, while the surplus can be supplied in the local market to generate income. This will help improve household food security and food supply.

Source: China Agricultural Information Network