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European rapeseed harvest is coming to an end

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According to analysts and traders, the European rapeseed harvest with slow rainfall has entered the final stage. With the change of weather, there is a significant difference in rapeseed yield.

The sowing of rapeseed harvested next year is also in progress. Due to the high price of rapeseed and the sufficient soil moisture caused by rainfall in summer, the market preliminarily expects the sowing area of rapeseed to increase. The sown area of rapeseed has been declining in recent years.

Analysts expect EU rapeseed production to reach about 17 million tons this year, slightly higher than the low level of the previous year, but the EU still needs a lot of imports.

At the same time, tight global rapeseed supply has pushed rapeseed prices to record highs this year.

In France, the sown area of rapeseed reached the lowest level in 24 years, but because the unit yield is higher than expected, the output is expected to catch up with 3.3 million tons last year. Traders said that the weather conditions were good in the late stage of crop growth, and the rapeseed crops benefited from sunshine and rainfall. Although the summer rainstorm slowed down the harvest progress, it did not cause crop damage. However, in the northeast of France, serious ponding on farmland led to the germination of some rapeseed.

Rainfall usually contributes to sowing, and French farmers began sowing rapeseed in August. According to the French oilseed crop research institute, the unit yield of rapeseed is good. The unit yield in some areas has reached a record of more than 5 tons / ha. Coupled with high market prices, it helps to boost farmers' interest in sowing.

In Germany, rapeseed production forecasts were revised downward. The German farm cooperative association (DRV) reduced the winter rapeseed production in Germany in 2021 from 3.68 million tons predicted in July to 3.51 million tons, basically unchanged from the previous year. German rapeseed is affected by adverse weather, because it is cold in spring, hot and dry in summer, and there is rain in August. But the quality of German rapeseed is very good.

In Poland, the analysis agency sparks Polska predicts that the output of rapeseed in Poland will be 3.1 million tons in 2021, a year-on-year decrease of 4%. The weather was bad in June this year. At that time, the rapeseed crop entered the final growth stage, and the unit yield of rapeseed was lower than the expectation before harvest. However, the oil content of rapeseed is satisfactory, reaching 41% to 44%.

In the UK, the improvement of rapeseed yield will offset the impact of the sharp increase in sowing area. The UK agricultural and horticultural development board (ahdb) said last week that the average unit yield of rapeseed is expected to be 3.2-3.6 tons per hectare, up from 2.7 tons last year.

The British Department of Agriculture said last week that the sown area of rapeseed in England is expected to decrease by 21% to 273000 hectares. As of August 12, 61% of rapeseed harvest had been completed, far below the average progress. Traders said the harvest progress this week was still slow.

Source: China Agricultural Information Network


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