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Dutch Bato Buckets for Strawberry

The Low cost hydroponic plant growing systems includes 21.6 L Bato buckets which measure 48cm*26.2cm*25cm. The Bato bucket for strawberry dutch bato bucket is sold with a two-piece elbow which connects the base of the bucket to the drainline; through this channel excess nutrient solution can drain off while preventing root growth from clogging the drain line.

We have three types of Bato bucket for your choices: Bato A, Bato B, Bato C. which have different size and volume. You can use just about any type of growing media, including expanded clay pellets, perlite, and coconut coir. It is popular in drought area, or where the soil is nnot suitable for growing.

The Bato bucket for strawberry dutch bato bucket are typically filled with perlite growing media, and crops are transplanted into the buckets after maturing for 2-4 weeks in a primary growing media, such as a 1.5" rockwool cube. The plants are fertilized using the Nutrient Injection System, which pulls a concentrated nutrient solution from fertilizer tanks at predetermined ratios and then injects the nutrient solution through the feed plumbing lines on intervals ranging from 3 minutes ON every 20 minutes to 1 minute ON every 30 minutes, depending on the season and maturity of the crop. Feed plumbing for the Bato bucket for strawberry dutch bato bucket includes 0.5" poly pipe feed line reduced to 5/3 mm feed tube using 0.5 gpm emitters, and finally barbed stakes connected to the 5/3 mm feed tube anchor the feed line to the growing media.


Name Bato bucket for strawberry
Brand Name NatureHydro
Volume 21.6 L/12.3L/13.9L
Material Food-grade polypropylene & UV
UV protective ability Yes
color Beige or White
Weight 0.65kg/0.45kg/0.55kg
Usage Vegetables Growing


1. Suitable for all substrates

2. Can be installed stable on the ground
3. Unique drainag system

4. Unique design

5. Mature Technology and competitive price

6. Convenient transportation