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DC allows all medical marijuana patients to "self-certify"

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All marijuana consumers in the nation's capital will no longer need a doctor's recommendation to visit seven medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington, D.C. The DC City Council on Tuesday approved an emergency ordinance that removes the mandate for patients 65 and under to purchase medical marijuana, effectively opening up the legal medical marijuana market to anyone who believes it can help them treat any ailment. Council members said the change is intended to help support licensed medical marijuana companies in the region, as the quasi-legal gray market for "giveaway marijuana" has crippled many businesses that operate legally. The City Council has been trying to launch a full adult-use marijuana market since District of Columbia voters approved full legalization of marijuana in 2014, but there are still obstacles in Congress. That means it's legal to possess and consume marijuana in the region, but it's still illegal to sell to people over 21, which is where the "gift-giving" business has taken off.